Fundraising Redefined

Micro Fundraising Platform for Schools

Task-a-Thon© is a free service that empowers parents to engage with schools by creating tasks and providing $ rewards. School PTAs and PTOs can use the platform to fundraise all year round.

Parental Involvement is Key to Student Success

Research has shown that students achieve more in school when their parents are involved in their education. All parents, regardless of economic status, race, or primary language, can do simple things like asking a child about school or attending a parent-teacher meeting. Being involved in your child's education not only helps your child to achieve more academically, but it also lifts teacher morale and provides you with the satisfaction of making a difference in your child's education. [ Source: public school review ]

Task-a-Thon© enables parents to engage with classroooms by creating tasks and assigning them to one or more grades. Teachers create a reward claim by marking the task as complete. Parents then approve and make a payment to the school against that task.

Task-a-Thon uses School Fundraising and School Payment Solutions from PayPal under the hood. Each school is requested to provide a account while registering. This enables parents to pay directly to their school's account. We  do not keep any portion of the payment. .

 Steps to getting started 

  1. Go to "Find My School" from the Homepage
  2. Find your school on the drop-down
  3. If your school does not exist:
    • Submit a new request to add your school
    • Check back after 24-48 hours or wait for to be notified that your school was added.
  4. If your school exists:
  5. Parents:
    • Create a new task from the dashboard
    • Discuss task on the task detail screen
    • Wait for teachers to mark the task as complete
    • Approve the reward
    • Pay the Reward
  6. Teachers:

Here's an overview of the users and the task-to-reward workflow: